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The tennis ball has undergone many transformations in order to get to the modern shape and material used today. Historians document the formation of the tennis ball back to the 1300’s when French aristocracy started to play. The original tennis ball was actually made of wood and later transitioned to leather with sawdu

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Evolution Of The Tennis Balls 1. Evolution Of The Tennis Balls 2. The first tennis ball was made in 15th century from stuffed leather and wool. 3. But as time changes, the manufacturing process and materials get replaced by air filled rubber balls. 4. There are several developments happened in the ...

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How have tennis balls evolved? Tennis first began in 1870, and back then, tennis balls were made out of leather and filled with rags or horse hair. Rubber balls, which are similar to the ones we see today, are produced in India. They quickly took over the sport. Tennis balls were originally white or black, but then the International Tennis Federation (ITF) introduced the yellow balls in the 1970s.

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The first significant change in the tennis ball came in the 1870s in England when lawn tennis began to replace real tennis as the game. Walter Clopton Wingfield, a Welsh inventor, who was one of the pioneers of lawn tennis along with Augurio Perera and Harry Gem, began to import rubber balls from Germany where the Germans had been successful in creating vulcanized air-filled balls.

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Did you know that the first tennis ball was made in the 15th century from stuffed leather and wool? Yes, it happened and in the course of time, the manufactu...

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In 1874 Walter Clopton Wingfield created the rules, balls, and racquets for an outdoor version of tennis that he called sphairistike, Greek for ''playing ball.''. Wingfield's court was shaped like...

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The Evolution of Tennis. Perhaps no other sport has experienced the kinds of changes that tennis has in the last 30-40 years. If someone were to have taken a time machine from the 1970s and modern day, they’d see a sport that follows the same rules as the one they knew, but the play would be completely foreign.