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Best football (soccer) datasets I'm looking to do a project on football data that i will be attempting to collect on the current and next few seasons, but was also wondering if anything is currently available to use from previous years.

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HuggingFace, a Natural Language Processing startup has just release the v1.2 of its text datasets library with: 611 datasets that can be downloaded to be ready to use in one line of python, efficient pre-processing to free the user from memory constraints. 🤗Datasets is a lightweight python library providing two main features: one-line ...

Dataset of soccer players stats : datasets - reddit.com

Dataset of soccer players stats request Hi guys, hoping you can help me find some free datsets of premier league (or any other big league) players which include some basic statistics and info.

Football (soccer) dataset with lineups? : datasets - reddit.com

Historical UFC (MMA) Fight Data ‘90s-Present. Wanted to share my new favorite dataset on Kaggle! It’s has results and stats from all UFC mixed martial arts (MMA) fights since 1993 and is kept quite recent. Everything is scraped directly from the UFC website, so it’s pretty much the most detailed data you can get!

ISSIA-CNR Soccer Dataset : datasets - reddit.com

This is a long-context, anonymized, clean, multi-turn and single-turn conversational dataset based on discord data scraped from a large variety of severs, big and small. The raw data for this version contained 51,826,268 messages. 5103788 (regex) + 696161 (toxic)/51826268, or 0.11% of the messages were removed.

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I'm looking for interesting data sets for Women's Soccer. Ideally these are for international competition -- Olympics, World Cup, etc. Do you know of any of the following: Cleaned play by play data. Speed/load data (how fast a player ran; total distance; etc.) Well-organized broadcast data.

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