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Back Row Attacking Drill - Volleyball Drills - VolleyballXpert

1. Coach gives either side a free ball. 2. Players pass, set, and hit ONLY from behind the ten foot line. 3. Play the ball out. 4. Setter must duck under the net to set for both teams. 5.

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Back Row Attack: A back row attack in volleyball is essentially the same as your approach in the front row, except you must jump from behind the 10’ line. That’s the easy explanation. It’s technically more complicated than that, but you can find a more detailed breakdown here. DRILL SETUP. One player in left back just behind the 10’ line.

Back Row Quick Drill - Volleyball Toolbox

Back Row Quick Drill with Ryan McGuyre, Baylor University Head Women’s Volleyball Coach; 2019 USMC/AVCA Div. I National Coach of the Year; 2019 Final Four; 2x Big 12 Coach of the Year (2017, 2019); Big 12 Champions (first time in school history!); former Cal Baptist University Men’s & Women’s Head Coach; 9x National Champions;

Back Row Running Warmup - Volleyball Drills - VolleyballXpert

Instructions. 1. Coach gives alternating sides free balls. 2. Players dig, set, and back row attack while calling the ball. 3. Each time a player touches the ball, they must run and touch the net before being able to touch the ball again. 4. Play rally scoring games to a set number of points.

Backcourt exchange drill - The Art of Coaching Volleyball

Action: Coach puts ball into play - players set back row attack. Coaching Tips: Good warm up, back court hitting and digging. Variations: A. Put only 3 players on side B - Winners Stay on. B. Have a setter on each side of the net. C. One Setter - goes under the net to the other side after the ball crosses over.

Reinforce hitting basics with back row attack drill - The Art ...

When training young hitters, start with back row attacking to teach fundamentals. This approach builds confidence because players learn how to hit aggressively without the net to distract them. Watch as MADFROG Volleyball Club Director Stefanie Samuels demonstrates the back row attacking drill she uses with her players.

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The back row player passes to the setter, who sets for a back-row attack. The back row attacker executes a back-row attack aiming to control the ball and send it to the opposite back-row player. The other side repeats. During this drill you rotate, after you playback middle, you play the setter. Then you get in line at the endline. This drill is to teach confidence and comfort with a back-row attack.

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